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Urja Batteries Limited is a leading battery manufacturer in India that specializes in Lead Acid Batteries Forindustrial, Solar and standby power solutions. Urja Batteries is ISO: 9001:2008, ISO: 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified company. With over a Decade of technological innovation, Urja batteries product range from 23Ah to 200Ah for segment such as E-rickshaw, solar, inverters UPS for both home and industrial usage.

Urja Batteries is constantly enhancing its product-line and quality checks through significant capital investments in its R&D technology. Our current portfolio includes, Tubular Batteries, Flat Plate Inverter Batteries, Inverter Batteries, Solar Batteries, E-rickshaw Batteries, Urja Batteries is a leader in the power storage category across E-rickshaw, UPS and inverter segments. Urja Batteries are customized according to the needs to the customers using the most advanced battery technology. Urja Battery products are indigenized to suit the Indian weather & road conditions unlike other.

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The ways & means to increase the life and performance of Lead-acid Batteries

The most important part is the care during initial filling and charging which determines the life & performance and knowledge about how a lead-acid battery works.

Acid Filling Procedure:

The battery physically for any damages/visible cracks and cleaned prior to filling of acid. Check the sp. Gravity of acid of all the jerry cans corrected to 27ºc prior to filling. Pour cool dilute battery grade sulphuric acid 0f 1.220/1.190 sp. Gravity up to the max. level by ‘acifil pump’

Initial filling & charging (IFC)

The battery room should be clean, dry & cool, with proper lighting & ventilation. Batteries to be cleaned before initial filling. Matching constant current charger, should be available capable to supply requisite volt & amps designed to give at 6% rate of charge up to 2.75 VPC at toc voltage