Terms & Conditions

(1) Batteries are warranted against all defects in material and workmanship. Liability under this warranty is limited to making good of defects arising solely from the use of faulty material or workmanship during manufacture and developing under proper use. The warranty commences from the date of delivery to the original purchaser. The warranty of battery is valid from the date of supply, subject to the conditions mentioned herein after.

(2) It is a condition of this warranty that the battery is returned unopened and complete with electrolyte, freight paid to the dealer from whom it has been purchased.

(3) The right to determine whether a battery needs repair or total replacement lies with the company. In cases where the battery is replaced, the defective battery being replaced becomes the property of the company and no scrap rebate will be given forth. The warranty period on the battery being repaired/ replaced shall commence from the date of sale of the original battery as stated in the original invoice and not from the date of replacement given. For batteries purchased on pro-rata Warranty settlement, a fresh Warranty will be applicable from the date of purchase of pro-rata battery. In the event of any particular battery model being phased out, the company reserves the right to provide another model of the same capacity as settlement of Warranty.

(4) All liabilities under this Warranty shall cease if the Battery is (a) Transferred to any other party other than the original purchaser. (b) Used in any application other than that for Inverter / Home UPS. (c) Found to have additives, dopes or anything other than that else other than battery grade de-mineralized water added to the electrolyte. (d) Out of Warranty Period.

(5) This warranty does not cover: (a) Defects / Damages to the Battery caused by accidents, fire, natural calamities like earthquake, flood, etc beyond the control of human being, faulty electrical systems, negligent maintenance, incorrect charging filling or improper handling service of the Battery by unauthorised Dealers/ electricians, willful abuse, destruction by fire, collision, theft or recharging. (b) Breakage of container and cover or breakage deformation of terminal duets mechanical shock like hammering. (c) Damage to the Battery due to contamination of electrolyte. (d) Recharging which shall be billed as extra. (e) Failure of Battery due to over discharge, over charge or improper topping up. (f) Battery operated in discharged condition for long period.

(6) In case of warranty claim, the invoice/bill in original must be produced without which claim will not be entertained.

(7) As per principle and technology of lead acid battery the backup duration mentioned will gradually decrease with every year of usage. The rate of decrease depends on various factors, like frequency of charge / discharge, depth of discharge etc.